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V​/​A - Tropical Twista Records 6 Anos Vol. 1 (TTR077)


June, 2021


illustator and Graphic Designer

I was invited by the Tropical Twista label to illustrate their six year anniversary compilation. In celebration, the label decided to release the compilation not only as a digital ep, but also as a physical version, producing a limited number of cassette tapes.

The inspiration for this project came from Brazilian biomes. Volume one is dedicated to the coastal region with its mountain ranges and abundant tropical forests. The Atlantic forest is one of the most devastated biomes in Brazil, today only 3% of its original area remains preserved. The idea was to bring the incredible potential of this biome to the viewer.
The second volume is inspired by the Cerrado, the second largest biome in Brazil, after the Amazon rainforest. With its special mountain formations, its abundance of water, and its fauna full of majestic species such as the jaguar.

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