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V​/​A - Tropical Twista Records 6 Anos

Tipo de projeto

Cover Art & Product Design


June 2021

In celebration of its 6th anniversary, Tropical Twista is proud to present its annual V/A. This year, a double gift awaits listeners: a two-volume compilation featuring over 20 Brazilian artists, showcasing the variety of experimental electronic music. What Tropical Twista calls "Downtempo" is a mix of many different styles, with subjective touches that are hard to name, making it difficult to categorize. However, these tracks share common elements, and that's what the team searches for; it doesn't have to be named, it just needs to be felt. That's what listeners will always find at Tropical Twista: different, borderless, genre-less music with a twist.

Cassette Tape with custom cover art by Juliana Lira. Only 20 copies available! - SOLD OUT

Manufactured by DSRPTV CORP. Shipping worldwide.

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