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Hello, I'm a Brazilian freelance illustrator living in the rural area of Southern Minas Gerais. Over the past decade, I've honed my skills as an independent artist, working with clients across South America and Europe. I began my career as a photographer but have since explored various forms of expression and narrative, dabbling in audiovisual work, image editing and processing, collage, and weaving. I'm deeply passionate about manual work. Nowadays, I devote most of my time to illustration projects, and when I'm not drawing in my studio, you'll likely find me tending to my agroforestry farm. I balance my life as a freelance artist with my work on the farm, where I grow food to feed my family and exchange with my neighbors. I'm part of an agroecology collective, and this year, I represent it within Orgânicos Sul de Minas, the largest organic producers' association in my region.

My work is deeply intertwined with my relationship with nature; I live and work in a stunning environment surrounded by hills and forests. I strive to live my life in a way that contributes to the concept of Buen Vivir ("Good Living"). My illustrations are characterized by organic forms and fluid textures, and whenever possible, I love depicting the fauna and flora of South America. I'm passionate about the culture of my continent, and whenever I can, I seek to represent it. As an artist, I've worked on a wide array of projects and narratives, and I'm eager to bring your ideas to life. 🌿✨

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