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Kiaro - Recollect (TTR080)

Tipo de projeto

Cover Art


December 2021

"Recollect is inspired by shifting from a hectic city to the countryside, settling down in a wooden cabin next to a forest.
It was meant to be a temporary thing, a break from the upbeat urban tempo, and eager to make the most of it I spent the daytime outdoors, roaming and exploring.
Daily walks in the woods had become a ritual, my attention always gravitating towards nature’s aesthetics, intrigued by the details of what I saw and heard.
The sounds, sights and smells made it easy to forget what’s outside this place, like being sealed in a time capsule.
Here and there I tried documenting by taking field recordings of all the sonic elements that piqued my curiosity.
I did plenty of reading, mainly history and science. Did plenty of daydreaming too.
It felt like everything was finally slowing down, especially at night sitting by the fire and tuning into the music playing in my studio nearby. It was an opportunity to contemplate and recollect, weave intricate plans and reach for new ideas, bring up memories, recent and also really distant ones, from other life-times."


Lyrics & Vocals: Yasya Krutova
Percussion: Alon Dolev

Percussion & Flute: Andrey Lev Ari

Curated by: Palmer

Cover Art: Juliana Lira
Inspired by: Or Yogev

Masters: RHR

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