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La Claud - The Talking Queer (TTR088)

Tipo de projeto

Ilustration for Cover Art


March 2023

"The Talking Queer" is a album by the Italian producer La Claud.

As the word "queer" is by itself auto-describing as not conforming to cultural norms about gender and sexuality, the concept "the talking queer," acting as a unique entity, realizes an experimental collective musical experience, consisting of tracks that would rely on "the voice," a powerful tool that in this sphere is sometimes able to transcend language and semantics, introducing a "universal" meaning in listening characterized by rhythm and movement. La Claud invited people and friends to provide any famous or significant words or phrases belonging to historical queer, from films, songs, slogans, political speeches, TV commercials, and so on, and the enthusiastic participation of friends made it possible to create a resonant collective layer of words and sounds stating a brand-new instant collectively created queer movement. This eight tracks album blends original poetry, acting voices and synth/organic music treated using her Puredata patch granular synthesis, delay and reverb techniques and ethnic percussions.

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