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Depres​í​on Tropical - Un Poco Aquí (TTR087)

Tipo de projeto

Illustration for Cover Art


January 2023

"Un Poco Aquí" is a EP by Depresíon Tropical, a mexican duo composed by Globemaster & Dru9anauta.

A collection of sounds that run through ceremonies, dialogues, poems and
ethnic chants, accompanied by percussions, synthesizers and pads that
simulate the mobility of the tribes in search of food, hypnotic loops
create a warm / desert atmosphere that discover vibrant traditions, sounds
that create a brief space that simulates our tiny moment in time, reborn
in melodies full of hope, that make us enjoy the present, knowing that in
the end, everything returns to earth or transcends into something

Listen now:
Released by: Tropical Twista Records

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